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An all-in-one platform for AI-driven Web3 trend tracking & smart trading
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TrendX captures and analyzes key factors from various dimensions both on- chain and off-chain,forming multi-preference trend strategies to help users seize alpha opportunities promptly.Additionally,users can customize their strategies using Trendx features and publish them to the AlphaSquare to earn profits.
What is TrendX
TrendX is an AI-driven Web3 trend tracking and intelligent trading one-stop platform, leveraging large language models and AI technology to identify market trends, and seamlessly integrating with intelligent trading. It aims to become the next-generation AI trading platform for the future billion users to explore Web3 projects, discover hotspots, observe trends, engage in primary investments, and participate in secondary market trading.
1.Through project fundamentals, social graphs, smart money trends, community evaluations, expert reviews, and other dimensions, we help users discover early-stage quality projects.
2.Anyone can submit early-stage projects they endorse, with the community voting and governing according to various project dimension indicators.
3.For high-quality projects approved by the community, they can be launched for fundraising on the TrendX platform.
4.The TrendX platform is owned and governed by the community, running in a decentralized manner through smart contracts.
Why Choose TrendX
For Investors
TrendX helps investors discover the earliest potential projects, maximizing your investment value through a fair and equitable distribution mechanism.
  • Rich choices: Gathering resources from multiple parties, continuously providing high-quality projects
  • Professional opinions: Professionals and investment institutions openly participate in the review, supported by industry-leading decision-makers
  • Community consensus: Receive real community feedback through democratic community voting
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For Fundraisers
TrendX collects core information of projects from multiple dimensions, providing references for user investment decisions, allowing users to get a head start on primary market investment signals.
  • Easy application process: quick application without permission and KYC/KYB required
  • Flexible participation: customize financing prices and quotas, adjustable as needed
  • Various functionalities: supports whitelist mechanism, phased release methods
  • Diverse financing options: supports IDO/INO and other diverse financing methods
For DAO Members
TrendX allows DAO members to leverage their advantages through decentralized democratic governance, achieving maximized and fairest benefit distribution.
Ordinary Users
Through project fundamentals, social graphs, smart money trends, community evaluations, expert reviews, and other dimensions, quickly discover and evaluate quality early-stage projects to assist in your investment decisions.
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Governance Users
Voting rights: All pledged users will receive veDAO (i.e., voting rights), and have the right to vote on newly initiated financing applications.
Governance benefits: All participating voters can receive governance benefits. Those who vote correctly will have their voting weight increased and will receive more governance benefits in the future.
Participate in Governance
Project Recommenders
Threshold: Any user with research capabilities and a sharing spirit can become a project recommender.
What to do: Find early-stage quality projects with financing needs and initiate investment applications on the platform.
Benefits: Recommendation rewards + 1% of the financing amount
Recommend Projects
Business Managers
Threshold: Any user with negotiation skills and project resources can become a platform business manager.
What to do: Find and connect with project parties with financing needs, helping them to complete financing on the platform.
Benefits: 1% of the project financing amount after financing is completed.
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TrendX Expert CommitteeMore
The TrendX Expert Committee is mainly composed of well-known Web3 institutions. The committee provides professional analysis and scores projects on six dimensions: project background, technical advantages, business model, product experience, market operations, and project risks, providing users with exclusive professional perspectives and interpretations on the internet.
Project Background
Technical advantages
Business model
Product experience
Market operations
Project risks
Project Background
Technical advantages
Business model
Product experience
Market operations
Project risks
1. From the perspective of project vision: the combination of AI + content, mainly Web3 Game and Metaverse. After the overall experience, it is similar to a generator.
2. Judging from the progress of the project: At present, the project has received financing of 2.8 million US dollars.
3. From the perspective of token economics: the single-token model is adopted, user behavior has an impact on token deflation, and there is also a monthly payment model.
4. From the perspective of operation: 85,000 followers, the community is relatively active.
5. From the perspective of risks and shortcomings: works created by AI have no copyright, and may become one of the constraints that restrict development in the later stage.
Expert Committee Members ()
Institutional Partners
KOL Partners
Operating Mechanism
Application Initiation
Project Party Submits Financing Application
The project party initiates a financing application, submits project information, and token sales information. After DAO governance approval, fundraising can begin.
Recommender Initiates Investment Suggestion
Project recommenders submit potential projects. After DAO governance approval, they receive recommendation rewards and 1% of the financing amount after project financing.
Left Line
Governance Voting
User Voting Weight
The number of votes is determined by the number of veDAO and voting weight. Each voter's initial voting weight is the same. Each correct vote increases the voting weight, each wrong vote decreases it.
Standards for Judging Whether a Vote is Correct
It's determined by whether the actual fundraising amount exceeds 70% of the planned fundraising amount. If it's successful, those who voted in favor are deemed to have voted correctly, and those who voted against have voted incorrectly, and vice versa.
Fundraising Launch
IDO Fundraising
IDO fundraising uses a pre-sale method. During the pre-sale period, users can invest. After the pre-sale ends, investment quotas are distributed according to the user's lottery rate. The winning rate is positively related to the number of veDAO held by the user.
INO Fundraising
INO fundraising uses a grab-and-go method. Users can purchase NFTs within a specified time until they are sold out.
Left Line
Economic Model
Token Model
Total Token Supply1,000,000,000 Token
Institutional investment
Team Incentives
TrendX Rights
Staking Returns
Stake Token to receive staking returns. The longer the duration, the higher the returns.
Governance Returns
Stake Token to receive voting rights, participate in voting to receive governance returns.
Dividend Returns
2% of each fundraising amount is distributed to Token stakers.
IDO Lottery Rate
The higher the level, the higher the lottery rate.
INO Pricing
The higher the level, the more favorable the price.
Core Advantages
Non-custodial funds
Decentralized operation
DAO Autonomy
Wisdom Gathering
Huge Community
Fair Distribution
Multi-chain Ecosystem
No Permission and KYC Required
Technical Features
Decentralized Voting
Users authorize via signing with their decentralized wallet address during voting.
Decentralized Transactions
Users do not need to register a centralized account system and can directly participate in transactions through a decentralized wallet.
Decentralized Storage
Voting results are uploaded to the blockchain for decentralized storage, preventing tampering.
Q2 2022
1. To launch the project
2. To complete the whitepaper
3. To meet the technological needs
4. Official website release
5. Publish community NFT badge
Q3 2022
1. Complete the talent scout module development
2. Complete DAO module development
Q4 2022
1. Complete the airdrop module development
2. Scout officially launched
Q1 2023
1. Publish Twitter socialgraph
2. Publish Alpha project ranking
3. Ul optimization
Q2 2023
1. Publish point task system
2. Complete the development of IDO module
3. Start private sale
Q3 2023
1. Publish expert review function
2. Publish paid reading function
3. To complete twittersentiment tracking
4. Add project token information
Q4 2023
1. Complete Smart Money signal tracking
2. Launch AI assistant
3. Implement ChatGPT automatic summarization feature
Q1 2024
1. Launch Launchpad
2. Launch Cross-Chain Aggregated Trading
3. Launch Alpha Signal Subscription Service
Q2 2024
1. Launch Alpha Square
2. Token Airdrop and Listing
Q3 2024
1. Publish Al assistant 2.0
2. Publish an app client
Q4 2024
1. Launch Automated Trading Robot
2. Launch Portfolio Management Service
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